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New! Listen now, click on album cover to enjoy our live 2015 Recording...

Preview Tracks from our Schoolhouse Bootleg 4.15.2015 recording for your enjoyment!

Since some bootleg copies of new Poachers' songs have been leaking out lately, we figured we might as well post a couple tracks for those who haven't heard it yet. Consider it a sneak peek at the new album we plan to record later this year. We love you all, enjoy!!!

Let You In - Sundown Poachers
Awake Again - Sundown Poachers

The Sundown Poachers first studio album..


Behind All We Do


With their debut album, the Sundown Poachers have crafted a collection of songs textured with both grit and beauty while maintaining a punch that is exuberant and fresh.


With a mix of organic acoustic tones, alternately funky and soaring guitar leads, and old school beats and thumps guided by insightful introspective lyrics, the music of the Sundown Poachers will appeal to everyone from fans of outlaw country and classic rock to listeners looking to tap into the sound of the modern American mountain scene.

Purchase 'Behind All We Do'

You can purchase our new album online at:

Listen to 'Behind All We Do' 

You can listen to our new album online or on the go at:

Album Tracks

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