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Tasty Treats
by the Sundown Poachers

Here you will find some treats from the Sundown Poachers. We will be posting nuggets of Poacher lore, so this is for all of you hard core Poacher fans.  You will find new songs, lyrics, photos,  a video or two, and maybe recordings that have never been "officially" released. 

Tasty Treat #1: Live Sahstice Recording from 2015

Live at Shastice Park 2015

This recording was made at our second appearance at the amazing Mount Shasta Concert Series.  We have at the privilege to at almost every one.  The Sundown Poachers love playing this festival and this was one of the best.  Our sound engineer Boom boom remembered to hit the record button on this one. 


Beside a few bootlegs of this show out there, this is the only place you will hear this recording. This is as close as you will get to having a full experince of a Sundown Poacher show.  Enjoy 24 tracks of love.      

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